multiversal limbo lab


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 26.1 – 29.1

  esc medien kunstlabor

  bürgergasse 5, 8010 graz
  opening hours: 14:00 -17:00


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limbo lab

In the new year, the latest edition of the well-known, annual work show will take place in a hybrid form. Under the title „Multiversal Limbo Lab“, students of the „Communication, Media, Sound & Interaction Design“ (CMS20) study program at the FH JOANNEUM will show results from three intensive semesters. From January 26th to 29th, 2022, they will present a variety of works spanning all disciplines of the degree. The opening including the live stream on YouTube is scheduled for 7:00 p.m., the physical exhibition will take place in the „esc medien kunstlabor“ in downtown Graz.


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In theory there’s the possibility that next to our known universe more parallell universes exist. In addition one can assume that there’s not only intersections but also interactions between them.

More practically, we can observe that we all as individuals are living in various realities that are in constant exchange – from diverse lifestyles, political opinions or the use of various technologies to a master program that synergizes communication, media, sound and interaction design.

As design students, in the last year, we’ve been dealing with many tasks and challenges, which experimental approaches are often like in a laboratory. Hereby we could take a deep look into the versatile processes that are floating in a limbo between ideas and realization.


„Multiversal Limbo Lab“
describes the three approaches of the exhibition:

stands for different realities, different lifestyles and technologies, different political opinions and ideas all united in one master’s program.


stands for the balance between the stages of the design process – the fluctuation between idea and implementation, between analog and digital.

stands for an experimental setup which, like in a laboratory, creates a rich set of implementation opportunities for design.


The visitors and the audience of the live stream can expect interesting work by young designers as well as an insight into studying at the FH JOANNEUM. It is an ideal opportunity for the local creative and design industry to discover new talents and make contacts.

about the

about the

Communication Design

Visualizing information with impact
Communication designers conceptualize and design the conveyance of content using the most diverse analog and digital media. The study program focuses on topics such as brand identity, editorial design, typography, print & digital production, campaigning strategies and visual aesthetics.

Media Design

Creating digital narratives
Media designers create narratives for media channels in the field of time-based media. Storytelling is the core of their work—it is the substance that comes to life in the various media that Media designers work with: video and film, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation as well as 360° visualization. They blend real scenes and virtual elements and thus create immersive and augmented experience zones.

Sound Design

The designing of and with sound forms
Sound designers create and edit sounds for movies and computer games, audio logos and brand jingles. They make data audible and optimize products’ sound. In joint cooperation with the Graz University of Music and Performing Arts, the students also deal with the acoustic environment, soundscapes and sound ecology.

Interaction Design

Designing relations and experiences
Interaction Designers create digital and analog interfaces between people and their environments. In a human-centered approach they define how interfaces are used. The study focuses on topics such as digital product design, user experience design, service design, mobile design, game design and VR/AR/XR design. It is centered around practice-oriented tasks, from their holistic conception to their prototypical application and evaluation. Interaction Designers collaborate interdisciplinary with Communication, Media and Sound Designers.